Kitchens with character

At Häcker, colors and shapes perfectly complement one another. They form an attractive  home for your kitchen experience. Discover superior door styles, outstanding surfaces and unique materials. Find out why Häcker kitchen cabinetry is a very healthy way of living.

Just take a deep breath
Health is a mega trend. With Häcker's own standard PURemission AirProtectionSystem we surpass the best requirements for clean room air.

  • Significantly lower deviation of formaldehyde limit values
  • Even better room air
  • Increase of quality of life

Really resistant
With our one of a kind gluing technology PUResist we are achieving highest quaility standards with all kinds of edges. They are water resistant and offer a high level of resilience. Sustainable through solvent-free PUResist gluing technology.

True easy-care
Häcker is using a special coating technique to create anti-fingerprint surfaces.The unique micro surface structure allows a fast evaporating of hand perspiration. Therefore, our surfaces are very resistant against fingerprints. This is how you receive ongoing quality and a beautiful kitchen.

Picture-perfect paint surfaces

At Häcker, you can find painted surfaces in every variety of colors. If mat or shiny - the result is always a brilliant lacquer finish. Our own test laboratory secures the best possible quality. Lacquered surfaces are pure material aesthetics and wonderfully low-maintenance. Häcker lacquered surfaces: multifaceted and durable.

Golden yellow RAL 1004
Pastel blue RAL 5024
Zinc yellow RAL 1018
Salmon Orange RAL 2012
Coral Red RAL 3016
Zinc yellow RAL 1018
Grey-blue RAL 5008
Pale green RAL 6021
Olive Green RAL 6003
Grey beige RAL 1019
Traffic red RAL 3020
Crimson RAL 3004
Khaki grey RAL 7008
Green Blue RAL 5001
Grey-blue RAL 5008
Erikaviolet RAL 4003

190 colours - for individual kitchen planning

As multifaceted as your own life. Now the most beautiful colour combinations are possible. Simply choose from the RAL programme and set impressive colour highlights in the productline systemat. Thus you can fulfil individual wishes even better.

Fascinating framed doors

Expressive framed doors are a classic in our kitchen programme. Enjoy a feel-good atmosphere with our framed doors. With a wide variety of colors, structures and ideas you can create a great kitchen, that inspires you anew each day. Simply design breakfast areas or selected shelf-systems. Create a modern country style design or a lovely space for the family.

Outstanding laminate door sytels

You can achieve new dimensions for gloss levels and the depth of shine. Even metallic effects are possible with our laminate door styles. On top of that, you are also working with a care-free and budget oriented product. Häcker offers you a remarkable selection of kitchens with high class laminate door styles.

Magnificent wooden door styles

From very noble to very natural: Real wooden door styles are the first choice. Our Häcker real wood door styles are presented in an expressive, unique and impressive way. A material processed out of a natural source, which offers you breathtaking beauty with a lacquered finish. In combination with exceptional worktops pure dream kitchens form. Each single kitchen is one of a kind.

Beloved wood reproductions

A demand for kitchen door styles with wood reproductions are a great alternative for real wooden fronts. Texture and feel of the front are in excellent quality here at Häcker, which creates an outstanding feeling of remarkable authenticity. With door styles in wooden reproduction you receive a care-free, durable and clever option to add natural beauty to your kitchen design.

Boston sand oak
Highlights in glass

If noble glass fronts or striking glass doors: Glass is a fantastic material, that you can use to realize great ideas. A true eye-catcher with wonderful levels of gloss and solid durability. Thereby, glass reveals the inner values of your cabinets. With glass, embedded in high-quality frames, you can create a very unique kitchen design. Set in harmony with other kitchen elements, glass offers absolutely new kitchen perspectives. Realize your own imaginations with Häcker Kitchens.

Pure inspiration: Discover now, what is possible with beautiful glass elements.


"אנחנו רוצים למסור עולם בריא וניתן לחיות בו עבור הדורות הבאים."
הורסט פינקמאייר, מייסד. גלה עכשיו, עם כמה תשוקה וכמה רעיונות Häcker
קיימות חיים.

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