No room for clutter

Good-bye rummage drawer
We all know those “rummage drawers” in the kitchen. Crammed with daily bits and pieces to have them handy. Cooking utensils, scissors and cutlery clutter up and cause stress in the kitchen. Different drawer inserts help to tidy up in a simple and functional way. And cater for different taste and functions. Make opening your drawers a moment of happiness ...

real wodden cutlery tray, light versionreal wodden cutlery tray, dark version

Quality and design

Do you appreciate high-quality, natural material and modern looks?

Then this cutlery insert made from wood, a renewable raw material, is an excellently processed and sturdy alternative. Whether in beech or in noble dark grey ash, the cutlery insert can be supplemented with foil dispensers or knife inserts.

You want a cutlery insert without frills?

The plastic version convinces by its practical comfort.
With its fine pearl texture and soft surface,
this cutlery insert also stands out for its anti-slip properties. This prevents sharp cutlery damage to the end walls and
also offers high hygiene standards.

Flexible cutlery arrangement

The translucent cutlery insert is not only a real eye-catcher, but also practical and hygienic. Separators can be removed to adjust the cross dividers as needed and the compartments can be cleaned easily.
The separators can then simply be pushed back on.

Noble & practical

You want a high-quality alternative to wooden cutlery inserts, but still flexible?


The darkened translucent insert is not only stylish, but also practical and hygienic.
In the lighter version, the separator bars can be removed and the cross-dividers can be repositioned as required.
Cleaning is as easy as pie. More than just a compromise ...

cutlery tray woodcutlery tray wood

For the individualist who values high quality

Genuine wood and metal are the hallmarks of the high-quality and flexible MOVE interior organisation system, which virtually is a design object. With a few simple steps, compartments can be put together as desired, reorganised over and over again. The anti-slip mat ensures that everything stays in place.

Down-draft system


The kitchen accessories should ideally be stored systematically to have the required tool at hand in every situation.

Accessories beneath

Often the most important drawer is the one under the hob. Whether cooking spoons or spatula: Everything must be at hand quickly.


However, the dimensions of many hobs offer no room for a drawer. This is where the special drawer with a flatter structure makes its appearance. The practical layout is rounded off by the narrow cutlery insert.

Linero Mosaik

Bare walls?

Put your things on display! The shelf from the Linero MosaiQ series brings diversity to your kitchen nook and gives it an individual touch.

Linero MosaikLinero Mosaik


Wooden module boxes from MOVE are decorative and sophisticated shelf accents. Spices, aromatic herbs and other utensils are from now ready to hand and mobile.


Nothing can surpass an illuminated recess railing that not only offers optimal lighting, but also an appealing ambience.

 The you like it...

Cross separate

A crunching, rattling, crackling kitchen pull-out?

No longer necessary. The comparison clearly shows the great effect of transverse and longitudinal dividers. With just a few jigs you can create a tidy space miracle and allow your guests a glimpse – even without prior notice.

Tidy up

Flexibility through horizontal and vertical dividers

Cutlery tray Move

MOVE - All sorted

Cutlery tray MoveCutlery tray Move

The MOVE flexible interior organisation system made of solid wood offers individual solutions.

Combine the compartments as you wish – to your taste and needs.

RATTLING IS PART OF THE TRADE – but rather not in the kitchen!

No rattling, no shifting

Vario insert ensures safe and stable storage for precious china. Pots no longer bang against each other. For quiet handling in the kitchen and durable interiors.

In general, pull-outs are ideal for storage of heavy and bulky dishes.

Infinitely flexible, yet firm

With the solid wooden bars and walls, you can customise your pull-outs to your individual needs.

Waste containers

It couldn’t be more practical

You know what it is like: You are cooking in the kitchen together, cut something on the worktop and want to reach the waste bin quickly and easily? But it is underneath the sink, where someone is busy washing the dishes...

Designing the waste system under the sink is common, but often impractical.

How about your waste system directly under the worktop? Potato peels and other household waste can be easily and tidily be pushed directly into the pull-out. It could not be more practical.

No fuss

Plan your garbage system directly under the kitchen worktop – this saves plenty of time and grime.

Honey, will you take out the garbage?

The containers can be individuallyremoved and replaced.

Pharmacy cabinet

Sheer storage miracle

Practical and directly accessible

Storage space with an overview. Wire baskets with small items falling through? Not with this tall pantry cabinet. The Combi Line floors are slip-resistant and very durable. Also, the pull-out guide system has surprises in store: It can be completely removed from the cupboard and gently absorbs excessive momentum. The soft pull-in mechanism allows the drawers to be pushed back slowly and silently into the cupboard.

Indispensable helpers such as kitchen paper etc. should always be right at your fingertips and strategically placed. Stowing them away “too well” would be counterproductive.

High-quality solid wooden boxes from the MOVE series offer additional sorting options. The modular wooden boxes are practical and classy at the same time.

Smart storage

The tandem tall cabinet offers completely new storage options. Impressive overview, extremely high storage capacity and great accessibility thanks to intelligent door shelves – this makes storage a pleasure.

Practical and directly accessible

Everything within easy reach. Two large pull-out laundry baskets facilitate sorting of dirty laundry.

Refreshing solutions

For practical storage of bottles and supplies. Cheers to all the possibilities.


Corners - the all-round solution

Technology and functionality meet design: Qanto not only offers ample space, but also electronically and steplessly lowers kitchen appliances, pots and pans into an often unused corner of the kitchen area. The upper shelf can be supplemented with a tray. Corner units with wasted space and limited access are a thing of the past.

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