Bali Walnut | Laser Soft Black


Experience simple elegance at the highest level. In this kitchen, clearly defined areas in rich colours meet modern technology and merge confidently together. The result: a comfortable space where living and working are perfectly integrated, turning the kitchen into the heart of the home. All kitchen utensils, food and drinks can be stored safely and cleanly behind the cabinet doors and drawers. Even the fridge-freezer combination does not disturb the visual appearance, as the large appliance disappears seamlessly behind a cupboard door. 

The black metal shelves match the worktop colour and impress with their all-round visibility and LED light strip that allows individual pieces to shine in their own light.

The innovative interior of the smooth-running pull-outs and the state-of-the-art technology of the electrical appliances ensure even more cooking pleasure. Every detail is tested down to the smallest detail and guarantees a long life for your kitchen. Beautiful matching details: the black bar handles made of high-quality metal soften the look of the fronts in a way that pleases the eyes. At the same time, they are practical and easy to use.

A table for two

This is where you come alive again. The powerful, proud colour combination fits perfectly into modern living environments, ensuring even more well-being within your own four walls. The table docked to the kitchen island has enough space for two – for an in-between coffee or the early morning newspaper read. Otherwise, it's a welcome extra work surface.

Cleverly integrated

The integrated home office space is great for working. It offers sufficient storage space for laptops and the like. All kitchen workflows have short paths and the harmonious architecture creates an ambience that looks as if it were cast from a single mould.
Unleash your inner designer and showcase your beautiful decorative objects. The walnut-look shelves give you space for your ideas. Design your work corner just the way you like it and turn it into a feast for the eyes.

Beautiful without adornment

This minimalist kitchen gets by visually without any frills or fuss. At the same time, it exudes elegance and style. Enjoy a design that has been reduced to the essentials.

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