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A good product alone is no longer sufficient today to guarantee success in the long term. That is why we have developed an all-round range of services tailored to the requirements of our trading partners that will provide you with decisive advantages in relation to competitors.

Interior design & studio planning

Striking display kitchens – qualified interior designers provide advice and plan exhibition designs and display kitchens

Exhibition & installation

Sound craftsmanship – experienced fitters deal with building the Häcker showrooms and display kitchens

Production & technology

Tried and trusted quality –
the most modern production technologies guarantee perfect functioning of high quality kitchen systems

Quality management

The best quality products – comprehensive quality assurance systems guarantee impeccable functioning and durability

Transport & logistics

Unconditional reliability – the company’s own fleet of vehicles guarantees punctual, complete and fairly priced deliveries

Internet & Extranet

Partners only – by B2B for rapid exchange of information on current business transactions

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Optimum order processing – by competent and committed employees.

Instruction & training

Encourage and promote performance potential –– by attractive training programmes

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Creative stimulus & dynamic sales promotion
through contemporary advertising and active public relations.

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Credit standing

The credit standing of the Häcker Küchen GmbH & Co. KG is transparent and flawless. 

A credit check confirms the sound credit rating of our company. What is more, all credit insurers known in the marketplace provide comprehensive insurance coverage for credits granted by suppliers. If so requested by your bank, the banks affiliated with our company will gladly provide information about our sound financial standing and our payment history.

Addresses for a request of disclosure:

Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V. 
Hellersbergstr. 12
41460 Neuss
Tel.: 02131 / 109-0

Coface Kreditversicherungs AG
Isaac-Fulda-Allee 1
55124 Mainz 
Tel.: 06131 / 323-0

Sparkasse Herford
Auf der Freiheit 20
32052 Herford
Tel.: 05221 / 16-0


Can I order a Häcker Kitchen directly from the manufacturer?

A Häcker Kitchen can only be ordered from a dealer nearby.

How fast am I going to receive my ordered kitchen?

The delivery time of your kitchen depends on multiple factors, like the volume and the kind of material. Therefore, please reach out for further information to your dealer.

I need support with my design and layout. Can I receive this from Häcker Kitchens?

Because of your expectations and needs on your kitchen can only be clearified in a direct discussion, please get in contact with your dealer. The dealer is your point of contact for support and service.

Is it possible for me to forward my claim directly to Häcker?

Your point of contact for reclamations is your kitchen specialist. Any kind of warranty services are displayed in the agreed contract. Possible complaints of any kind are to be submitted via your contractual partner.

Can I order samples directly from Häcker?

Our kitchen dealers are equipped with a huge variation of samples. Please directly contact your kitchen specialist.

Is Häcker Kitchen a certified company?

Yes, we are a certified business in the area of environment - and quality management. An overview about our certificates is available here.