Sustainability in the company

In addition to its sustainable products, Häcker is also known as an ecologically active company. The sustainable use of raw materials and resources is a crucial aspect within the company's own value chain.

The German Furniture Quality Association (DGM) has certified Häcker Kitchens as a "Climate Neutral Manufacturer". Häcker Kitchens has drawn up a detailed CO2 balance sheet. We record emissions, offset the positive savings already achieved in the company, and compensate for the remaining delta by purchasing climate protection certificates. These certificates support important climate protection projects around the world. For example, in the production of renewable energy or in reforestation.

Junior staff development and training at Häcker Kitchens

For the sustainable development of its employees, Häcker has been training young people in various professions since 1980. 100% of our trainees are taken on board. In the long history of the company, over 260 young people have launched their careers successfully in our company.

Qualified junior staff is indispensable. This award confirms that we will continue to invest in good training in order to remain an attractive employer and training company in the future." 

Simon Hartwich
Human Resources Manager


Heat generated by biomass boiler itself

The administration building is heated via a connection from the kitchen production boiler house. The heat is generated via five biomass boilers with a total output of 13 MW, which are fired with wood waste from production, allowing the building to be heated in a very efficient and environmentally friendly way. The air volume can be adjusted individually according to the requirements.


182.527 kWh electricity from own photovoltaic system and 14,959 MWh green electricity

Häcker has operated an environmental management system since 2009 and an energy management system since 2014. DIN ISO 14001 Environmental Management DIN ISO 50001 Energy Management

Procurement management

More than 50% of our suppliers are located within a 50 kilometre radius of Rödinghausen. This reduces the CO2 footprint and ensures stable supply chains. Environmental compatibility and sustainability are factors that are a key decision-making criterion when selecting the materials used. When selecting our supply partners, we ensure compliance with sustainability standards. Suppliers of wood-based materials are all PEFC and FSC certified and usually procure their wood from within a 150 km radius of the German and Austrian production sites.


Electromobility is of great importance at Häcker. Our "pool cars" are electrically powered – including company vehicles. Häcker currently has ten charging points for e-vehicles at its Rödinghausen site. Another 16 will be added at short notice. Bike boxes are equipped with electrical connections for charging e-bikes. To close the sustainable loop, the electricity in the charging stations is generated from the photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the Häcker headquarters.

Leading by example. We as management also drive electrically. It's really fun to drive these cars and be emission-free on the road."

Stefan Möller
Commercial Management

Home Office

Keeping with the times – over 600 remote workstations

For years, Häcker has offered its employees the possibility to work remotely, giving them the flexibility to choose their work hours and spaces. Thanks to a stable, digitized infrastructure, more than 600 employees use the option of working from home or on the move. This results in significantly reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions thus protecting the environment in a sustainable way. What's more, flexible working hours also support a healthy life balance.

Healthy food

Healthy food is an integral part of the values promoted by the family business Häcker Kitchens. The Häcker Lounge fulfils this claim in many ways. A pleasant ambience as well as sound-reducing measures create a real feel-good experience for employees and guests. Our catering partner works sustainably and uses preferably regional and seasonal products. Moreover, these are always freshly prepared without flavour enhancers or the like, so that one can rightly speak of completely healthy food.

Raised bed

In the garden of the "catering building", Häcker has planted tasty herbs on a raised bed, which not only give food a unique flavour, but are also extremely fresh and very healthy. The raised bed project was completed by our trainees.

Herb garden
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Technology and digitization are shaping our future and our ability to do business sustainably. Digitized work processes relieve the burden on our employees, giving them space to focus on the essentials. These include, for example:

  • Electronic order processing (eCom) 
  • Goods shipment tracking in near real time (logistics cockpit) 
  • ProductPilot 
  • my.Häcker intranet incl. mobile app
  • Digital Shopfloor Management
  • Q-Station Production Assistance System


With the my.Häcker intranet, Häcker has a digital and thus fast information transfer within the entire company. Monitors installed in all buildings publish the latest company information on a daily basis. The my.Häcker intranet can also be accessed through any PC or location-independently through a mobile APP. This ensures that all employees always receive all information at the same time.

my.Häcker App

With the mobile application my.Häcker APP, the contents of the Häcker intranet can be accessed from any place and at any time. This enables up-to-date, continuous 24/7 information availability.

Digital store floor management

Digital store floor management

Häcker has been using digital shop floor management since 2020 to increase production performance and actively involve employees in improvement activities. Production processes are analyzed, the associated data, key figures and targets are collected and discussed together at shop floor meetings. This allows us to build a culture of continuous improvement in our production processes. Digital shop floor management enables data to be captured at its source and used automatically in real time, saving resources and, in many cases, also reducing energy consumption.

Sustainable business management

Overall, digital shop floor management leads to a reduction in administrative work and reduces throughput and downtimes in production.

Sustainability product

Sustainability in the product

Discover here sustainable measures that we implement in our kitchens and built-in appliances.

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Sustainability in society

Häcker is strongly committed to ecological and social issues. Here you can discover the measures we pursue to benefit society. 

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