House of Hacker

German kitchens Hacker company is the leading and oldest companies in the field, branches spread over 40 countries worldwide.

Hacker company uses the most advanced production technologies and the company\’s annual turnover is about 350 million euros. Intensity and volume of sales enables the company to supply times yet to be seen in Israel.

Company representatives recently signed agreements Israel several luxury towers in the center, any agreement backed by the parent company in Germany and ensures full responsibility for the kitchens of the company on any matter. Hacker’s reputation is characterized German quality (no compromise), and the latest innovative design and selection of classic and modern styles. The company specializes in designs with a combination of advanced technology with comfort and elegance.

Kitchens pleasant looking, and uncompromising quality creating breathtaking beauty. Adaptation and flexibility to meet customer needs are of the milestones of a Hacker from design to delivery and assembly quick and efficient. Hacker company operates in collaboration with architects, interior designers and contractors and provides solutions to a variety of professional demands. Company representatives in experienced professionals: designers, components and service personnel with vast experience in the kitchens.

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